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Clean Energy Financing for Home and Business

Benefits for commercial building owners

Benefits for homeowners

Benefits for contractors

Set the PACE St. Louis provides 100% upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners for qualified energy upgrades. Game-changing benefits for owners are:

  • Set the PACE St. Louis assessments may qualify as an operating expense. This means owners can finance improvements without incurring additional debt and preserve capital and credit lines for core business investments. Also, under typical leases, payments, as well as energy savings can be passed along to tenants.
  • The tax obligation (which is attached to the property) transfers upon sale to the new owner. Unlike other lending options, payments do not accelerate in case of default.
  • The Set the PACE St. Louis program requires that the economic benefit of the project exceed the cost.
  • Deeper sustainability upgrades are possible because the term of the assessment is up to 20 years and stays with the property rather than the owner.
  • Owners achieve lower operating costs due to increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, improved asset value from new equipment, and a better indoor air quality and comfort for occupants.
  • Commercial property owners can address deferred maintenance issues without depleting capital resources.
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