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The Program offers financing for a variety of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy improvements for homeowners and commercial building owners. Pursuant to Missouri law, measures may qualify when they promote energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, or produce energy from renewable resources. In each case, any rebates received by or approved for property owners prior to funding must be deducted from the amount of financing requested. In addition, property owners are encouraged to pursue the most cost-effective improvements (or combination of improvements) to maximize their long-term utility savings and return on investment. The following list is not intended to be comprehensive. Consult the Administrator for details and to determine whether a proposed improvement is an Eligible Improvement.

Solar Panels

Eligible Improvements

Modern Townhouses

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Improvements Specified by Missouri PACE Act*

  • Insulation in walls, roofs, attics, floors, foundations, and heating and cooling systems

  • Caulking and Weather stripping

  • Heating system modifications and replacements

  • Ventilating system modifications and replacements

  • Air Conditioning system modifications and replacements

  • Heating system modifications and replacements

  • Daylighting systems

  • Windows and doors designed to reduce energy consumption

  • Storm Windows and doors

  • Multi-glazed windows and doors

  • Heat-absorbing or heat-reflecting windows and doors

  • Lighting Fixture Replacement or Modification to increase energy efficiency

  • Automatic energy control systems

  • Energy recovery systems

*Energy efficiency improvements include acquisitions, installations or modifications on property when designed to reduce the energy consumption of the property.

Renewable Energy Improvements Specified by Missouri PACE Act**

  • Solar thermal hot water systems

  • Solar thermal systems for pool heating

  • Photo voltaic systems (electricity)

  • Ventilating system modifications and replacements

  • Geothermal power systems

  • Biomass systems

  • Wind turbine power systems

**Renewable energy improvements include the acquisition and installation of a fixture, product, system, device, or combination thereof on property that produces energy from renewable resources including photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, wind systems, biomass systems, or geothermal systems.


Renewable Energy


Initial Project Interest Form

Property Owner/Developer fills out the interest form to notify MEI of project parameters. Will be shared with appropriate lenders for the bidding process.


Application submitted to Set the PACE 

Property owner works with contractor & approved STP lender to apply


Board approval

STP board reviews and approves project 


Approved project filed with City Recorder 

Contract places assessment on the property


Collector remits payment to STP lender  

Minus annual assessment fee 


Property Owner selects Contractor and Lender

Visit the PACE Contractor Directory for ideas.


Set the PACE reviews application

STP admin verifies eligibility, SIR, & mortgage lender consent. 


Lender supplies funds for construction 

Can provide up to 100% up-front financing for energy measures 


3rd-party Collector bill property owner 

Annual assessment bill due December 31

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