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PACE Process

Interested property owners or contractors should contact Set the PACE to indicate their interest before developing a project and full application. Click here to access the initial interest form. Here are the subsequent steps.

    1. Apply: Submit a completed Set the PACE Application, along with supporting documentation, including:

      • Signed bid from Participating Set the PACE Commercial Contractor for an Eligible Project.

      • Savings Analysis detail, documenting energy savings, water savings, maintenance savings, and operations savings;

      • Notification to Set the PACE if the property will join the Better Building Challenge or enroll in the EPA Portfolio Manager. The Better Buildings Challenge establishes the goal for building owners to reduce their energy use by 20% by the year 2020. The challenge requires monitoring your energy usage using EPA Portfolio Manager and sharing your data with the US Department of Energy and Set the PACE Clean Energy District. For more information, see

      • Right of First Refusal: Missouri Statute requires property owner or lender to obtain a Right of First Refusal from a bank having a presence in Missouri stating that they do not want to provide PACE funding.

    2. Get Mortgage Holder Consent: Provide written consent from the existing mortgage holder(s) on the eligible property for the proposed Financing Agreement and treat the payments under the Financing Agreement as special charges applied to the eligible property pursuant to this Program. A Request for Lender Consent form can be found here. 

    3. Set the PACE Approval: Set the PACE and its lending partner will review and approve the project if it meets the program terms.

    4. Financing Agreement with Set the PACE and Lender: The property owner, PACE lender and Set the PACE will close the financing. Loan closing requires standard bank loan documents, plus the PACE Financing Program Agreement (Tri-party agreement between CEDB, Property Owner(s) and PACE lender) contained in Appendix C.

    5. Release of Funds: The property owner will draw funds for the project directly from the lender according to the terms agreed between those two parties. No later than September 1st of each year, the PACE lender will certify the amount of special charges to be collected from the property. Lender will also provide a certificate that the work was completed accordingly and paid for by the lending institution.

    6. Pay Special Charge: The voluntarily-assumed PACE special charge will be billed on a special assessment, issued in December of each year, until the loan is fully repaid. The property owner must make this payment to the Set the PACE or otherwise face the same repercussions as those that follow non-payment of the annual property tax bill.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 11.13.02 AM.png

Become Certified PACE Contractor

Contractors who wish to register with Set the PACE must complete the online Set the PACE training and submit the following to

  1. Contractor Application Form

  2. Signed Contractor Participation Agreement

  3. Documentation of credentials

  4. A list of 3 commercial customer references, including contact information and type of project

  5. $25 registration fee (The fee is waived for contractors who are members of Friends of MEI* and/or sponsor an MEI educational event.)

  • Payment can be made via PayPal or via check.

  • Make checks payable to Set the PACE and mail to:


​Contractor Registration

Set the PACE 

238 East High Street, 3rd floor 

Jefferson City, MO 65101​


Contractor registration runs for three years from verification of completion of Set the PACE training. Contractors who complete a PACE project will have their registration automatically renewed following each completed PACE project. Contractors who have not worked on a PACE project must re-apply every 3 years and pay a $10 re-application fee.

Note: The contractor listing is a registration; it is not a certification and cannot be used as such. 

 * Friends of MEI is the signature partnership program of the Missouri Energy Initiative, which administers the Set the PACE program. MEI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association of public and private sector entities working together to increase energy economic development, innovation, and education throughout the state

An overview of the Set the PACE Commercial Contractor program, as well as contractor participation requirements, can be found here.

Contractor Directory 


Areas of Specialty: Energy Consulting, Energy Auditing, Project Development
Phone: 314-436-2315
Address: 2610 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103


Areas of Specialty: Energy Auditing, Building Analysis, Engineering/Procurement/Construction Services, Energy Management
Email: information request form
Phone: 573-777-4811
Address: 501 Fay St. #106, Columbia, MO 65201


Areas of Specialty: Residential and commercial solar system installation, as well as specialty electrical services like LED retrofitting and generator installation.
Phone: 816-400-4474
Address: 3838 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, MO 64111


Areas of Specialty: Commercial Solar Projects and Commercial LED Lighting/Controls
Phone: 314-899-8886
Address: 1035 Frisco Hollows Rd, Imperial, MO 63052


Areas of Specialty: Energy Consulting / Energy Auditing / Project Development
Phone: 785-865-6054
Address: 2029 Becker Dr, Lawrence, KS 66049


Areas of Specialty: HVAC and Controls Design and Installation / Project Development / Energy Auditing / Building Analysis
Email: Information Request Form
Phone: 314-291-0100
Address: 4208 Rider Trail North, Earth City, MO 63045


Areas of Specialty: Roofing, gutters, solar, windows, and siding.
Phone: 888-319-7058
Address: 1630 W Walnut St, Springfield, MO 65806

Visit the FAQ page for any questions about the contractor page

How to become a Contractor Partner
Contractor Training

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