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Participating Municipalities 

This interactive map showcases the regions where MEI operates the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program across Missouri. It integrates critical information on the Justice40 initiative, emphasizing equitable distribution by ensuring at least 40% of benefits from various grants, programs, and initiatives flow to disadvantaged communities.

Layer Description
  • PACE Counties: Displays counties where MEI operates the PACE program, highlighted in blue shading.

  • PACE Cities: Identifies cities where PACE is active through geotags. Blue tags represent cities outside Justice 40 tracks, while red tags indicate cities partially overlapping with Justice 40 tracks.

  • PACE Districts: Highlights the specific districts in Missouri where MEI operates the PACE program.

  • Justice40 Tracks: Showcases areas in dark grey that align with the Justice40 initiative, addressing gaps in services and infrastructure for disadvantaged communities.

Key Description
  • PACE Counties (Blue Shading): Areas where PACE operates.

  • PACE Cities (Blue Tags): Cities without overlap with Justice 40 tracks.

  • PACE Cities (Red Tags): Cities with partial overlap with Justice 40 tracks.

  • Justice40 Tracks (Dark Grey): Tracks aligned with Justice 40 initiative.

  • Overlap (Red Areas): Areas where PACE and Justice 40 tracks coincide.


This map serves as a visual representation showcasing the correlation between PACE communities and Justice 40 tracks. It's an invaluable tool for Missourians, aiding in the effective utilization of federal funding sources that prioritize equitable resource allocation. By aligning PACE initiatives with Justice 40 areas, this map facilitates more strategic planning and targeted resource allocation for energy efficiency, economic development, and energy-related infrastructure programs.

Using the map
Layer Controls: Use the toggle buttons to display or hide specific layers individually or in combinations.

The Set The PACE Program is available to commercial and industrial facilities within the City of St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information, email

Read PACE Nation’s white paper “Economic Impact Analysis of Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs” here.

View the sample ordinance to join Show Me PACE here.

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