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  • Where can I find a copy of the Set the PACE manual?
    Please email for a copy of the STP manual.
  • What if I want to sell my property before the financing is repaid?
    The PACE financing is tied to the property and can transfer to the next owner, along with the energy savings created by the energy efficient and renewable energy project performed on the property. Please notify your PACE lender if you are interested in selling your property.
  • How do I repay my PACE financing?
    PACE is paid at the same time as your property tax assessment, in a once a year fixed payment. You will be billed at the same time as your tax assessment and you must remit payment prior to December 31st to avoid penalty interest and fees. Missouri PACE statute allows for 20 year terms. As such, PACE can be passed through to renters or tenants.
  • What does the financing cover?
    There are a number of energy efficient and renewable energy projects which can be covered under the PACE program, including but not limited to: Insulation in walls, roofs, attics, floors, foundations Insulation in heating and cooling distribution systems Storm windows and doors, multi-glazed windows and doors, heat-absorbing or heat-reflective windows and doors Automatic energy control systems Heating, ventilating, or air conditioning distribution system modifications and replacements Caulking and weather-stripping Replacement or modification of lighting fixtures to increase energy efficiency Energy recovery systems Day lighting systems Photovoltaic systems Solar thermal systems Wind systems Biomass systems Geothermal systems White/green roofs Soft costs (engineers, architects, legal) Does the project save money, energy or generate renewable energy? If so, it is likely eligible.
  • How does PACE financing work?
    Property owners don’t have to bear the cost of energy-efficient and renewable energy projects up front. Instead, they can receive 100% of the project cost upfront with a payback period of up to 20 years. This prevents projects from stalling because of inefficient funding and it enables contractors and their employees to complete projects. The expectation is that a properly designed and installed clean energy project will produce substantial energy savings for the property owner with the potential to be cash flow positive within one year. Additionally, since the financing is tied to the property, upon its sale the remaining tax liability transfers with ownership, and the energy savings are passed along to the next owner. Set the PACE project funding is provided by private equity funders that provide on-demand cash to immediately support projects meeting their underwriting requirements and Set the PACE requirements.
  • How is PACE managed in Missouri?
    There are currently four PACE programs operating in Missouri. The Show Me PACE Clean Energy District, available throughout the state, is administered by the Missouri Energy Initiative. The Missouri Clean Energy District (MCED) is available throughout the state and is administered by Missouri Clean Energy Funding (MoCEF). The County of St. Louis created a program called Missouri Energy Saving Program, is administered by the Missouri Energy Initiative. The City of St. Louis has created a program called Set the PACE St. Louis, is administered by the Missouri Energy Initiative.
  • Do I need to contact my mortgage provider?
    For Commercial PACE, it is necessary to contact your mortgage provider since you will need to acquire a lender consent from each lender that holds a lien on the property.
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